Masonry Reinforcement: Crack Repair

Here at Twistfix, we stock a compre­hen­sive array of retrofit masonry repair and rein­for­cement products that deliver professional results.  In this edition of our blog, we'll be showcasing one of our consis­tently-bestselling products: The Crack Stitching Kit.

A masonry structure can be subject to movement due to many different causes, including age-related deteri­­ora­­tion, chemical reactions, changes in temperature, vibration and alterations in the masonry's moisture content or the supporting ground beneath.  These causes can be ongoing, cyclic or historic.
Such movements can result in cracks in brick walls, compromising a building's structural integrity.  It is crucial to remedy distressed masonry at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent further deterioration or damage.  Always seek the advice of a structural engineer if fractures are active and increasing in length or width.

The bestselling Masonry Crack Stitching Kit from Twistfix contains everything required for a crack stitching and rein­for­cement project of professional standard.  Ideal for repairing cracks in the stone, block and brick walls, the kit centres on helical bars made from strong, durable grade-304 stainless steel.

To install helical rods and reconnect masonry on either side of the fracture, follow the guidance on our datasheet or animated brick stitching video.  The process involves cutting channels into mortar bed joints, typically at 300mm to 450mm centres, and thoroughly flushing them with clean water.  Next, pump WHO-60 grout into the slots and push the bars into the grout; the helix's deep troughs and high peaks combine to lock the bar into the setting grout.  Finally, apply a mortar finish that matches the rest of the wall and fill the fissures with crack injection mortar.    The series of concealed reinforcing rods redis­tri­butes tensile forces along the entire length of the helix-shape bars, providing a reliable, cost-effective retrofit crack repair that both strengthens and stabilises cracked walls. The kit contains ten 6mm diameter helical bars  which are the subject of independent testing that demonstrates compliance with national and international standards.

Each kit also contains a 7kg tub of specialist WHO 60 masonry repair grout.  The high-performance mortar comprises a liquid component and a cement/­­polymeric resin powder component which mix to yield three litres of smooth, cohesive thixotropic formula.  This product is available separately and in a bulk pack of 48 tubs: please visit the product pages for further details.

All of the accessories required for installation are in our bestselling Masonry Crack Stitch Kit, including a brick jointer/­finger trowel, helix mixer paddle and Grout-Master applicator complete with Hi-Flo nozzle.

The Crack Stitching Kit has attracted several five-star reviews from satisfied Twistfix customers. These include:

"Great product and easy to use."|
Chris Holridge

"The wall stitches have made such a difference, no more cracks in walls!"
Nigel Pead

"Clicked onto Twistfix Monday, parts delivered Wednesday, job done Thursday.
Never been let down by Twistfix in 6 years."

Chris Head

Please browse the Twistfix website to discover our complete collection of professional masonry crack repair products.

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