Protect Floors with the Epoxy Floor Coating System

Whether in industrial, commercial or domestic environments, floors are subject to continuous usage, exposing them to potential damage from wear and tear. One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect floors from such damage is with the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System, engineered and manufactured by leading brand Wykamol, which is available to purchase from Twistfix at the most competitive price.

Designed for use on concrete floors, even those subject to high traffic, the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System provides a durable, impervious finish. The application ensures that the floor will be highly resistant to damage from chemicals, lubricants, fuels, footfall, and vehicles. These qualities make the system extremely versatile, perfect for use in various environments, from schools and hospitals to workshops and warehouses. In addition, the treated surface will be much easier to keep clean.

The innovative epoxy resin system comprises two parts, a primer and a finishing coat. As soon as it is applied, the primer coat migrates deeply into the concrete substrates, firmly blocking its pores. This process creates an effective mechanical key, ensuring that the finish coat will firmly adhere. The second element of the system is the finishing coat, which is available in either of two colour options: grey or transparent. This unique formula has a very low odour, making it ideal for use in areas where solvent-based formulas are unsuitable, such as in breweries, bakeries, dairies and other food-production environments. 

Before using the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System, the substrate must be entirely dry and clean, free from anything that could interfere with proper adhesion. The concrete surface must be either vacuum shot-blasted or mechanically abraded. After this process, the primer and subsequent finish coating can be applied with a roller or brush according to the manufacturer's instructions. Seven days must elapse before using the EP40 system to treat freshly-laid green concrete. 

The primer and finish coating are available from Twistfix in 5kg containers. Depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface to be treated, this amount is sufficient to treat up to 40 square metres of floor. Currently, the products that comprise the system are available from Twistfix at just £62.40 each, representing a saving of more than £28 compared to the standard price. 

Please visit the product page on the Twistfix website for more details about the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating system from Wykamol. For expert advice, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated technical team

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