Masonry Reinforcement Kits from Twistfix

Twistfix supplies many different retrofit masonry rein­for­cement kits, several of which centre on some high-tensile strength helical bars made from premium-quality stainless steel, a well-renowned material for its strong corrosion resistance and durability.  The range includes:

Brick Pin Fixing Kit

This kit contains everything you need to professionally carry out concealed masonry stitching applications. The kit offers a retrofit solution to reconnect masonry at wall junctions and repair cracks near corners in stone and brick structures. The kit includes ten heavy-duty masonry stitching bars, which are:

  • One-metre long.
  • 8mm in diameter.
  • A beefed-up 13mm2 cross-sectional area for unsurpassed strength.

In addition to the bars, the kit also contains one 7kg tub of  WHO60 masonry repair grout, a mixer paddle and a mortar gun complete with a masonry pinning nozzle set. The purpose-made grout dispenses to fill pre-drilled pilot holes before the user winds in the spiral tie rods. Once set, the polymer-modified WHO-60 provides a monolithic bond with the masonry, locking the reinforcement bars in place and allowing them to redistribute tensile forces along their entire length. The easily concealed brick-pinning system strengthens and stabilises areas of wall separation whether used on buildings, tunnels or bridges.



7M Helical Bars Kit

Long helical bars have a pedigree for creating brick beams in existing walls.  The beams carry loads above unsupported masonry and transfer load paths to support areas.  Our long helical bars kit is ideal for lintel repair and strengthing, bridging areas of poorly supported foundation walls and general retrofit brick rein­for­cement for enhancing the tensile, shear and flexural capacity of brickwork and stone walls.  The kit contains five 7m long helical bars with a 6mm diameter.  Made from high-tensile grade 304 stainless steel, the cold-rolled bars offer a tensile strength twice that of rebar, four times stronger than epoxy glass fibre rods and seven times stronger than wound helix plate.

The bars, which we conveniently supply in a loop for ease of transportation, come complete with a full fixing kit including two 7kg of WHO60 grout, a Grout-Master applicator equipped with a Hi-Flo nozzle, a Helix mixer paddle and a finger trowel/brick jointer.

helical bars with fixing kit 7m Long v2

Arch Repair Kit

This compre­hen­sive kit contains the necessary products to reinforce brick arches and soldier courses.  Install the four 6mm diameter, 3.5m long helical bars as per the instructions for the 7m kit.  They form deep masonry beams that efficiently and effectively carry and redistribute loads over openings of up to 2.5m in width.

The first pair of grouted helical bars form the lower chord of the reinforced brick beam, and the second pair form the upper chord.  The bars must extend 500mm on each side of the opening to ensure sufficient weight on the end of the beam to prevent it from sagging.   Use the load tables published by the BRE to determine how far apart the chords should be.  To complete the repair, fit the six remedial brick ties through the soldier course to tie the bottom of the arch into the newly reinforced zone.

In addition to the helical bars and brick ties, the kit also includes one 7kg of WHO60 masonry repair grout, a Helix mixer paddle, a Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle, a finger trowel/brick jointer and an SDS wall tie fixing tool.


Please browse the Twistfix website for more details about these professional masonry reinforcement kits, all of which are made available to our customers at the most competitive price.

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