Masonry Repair Solutions: The Brick Pin Fixing Kit

Cracks can occur in brick and stone structures for a number of reasons and repairing these cracks is crucial to avoid further damage. Twistfix offer a comprehensive suite of masonry crack repair solutions, many of which are supplied in kit form to ensure that all of the required components are immediately available at once. One of these is the bestselling Brick Pin Fixing Kit.

The brick pin fixing kit from Twistfix contains everything required to effect quick, accurate and long-lasting masonry stitching, repairing cracks at junctions in brick and stone structures. An ideal retrofit solution for the tying layers of variable quality masonry to perpendicular walls, the kit represents impressive cost-effectiveness when it comes to concealed masonry stitching.

The brick pin fixing kit contains:

  • 10 heavy-duty masonry stitching bars. Each bar is one metre in length, has a diameter of 8mm and is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, noted for its remarkable resistance to corrosion
  • One 10kg tub of WHO 60, a specially-formulated masonry repair bonding grout
  • One mortar gun with masonry pinning nozzle set included
  • One mixer paddle

Firstly, pre-drilled pilot holes are made. The holes are filled with WHO-60 polymer modified masonry repair grout, into which the helical stitching bars are inserted, bonding the reinforcement securely to the masonry. The result is strengthened, stabilised areas of wall failure, where tensile forces are evenly redistributed along the length of the helical bars.

Find out more about the brick pin fixing kit on the product page. If you need expert technical advice, simply get in touch with our team.


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