Misaligned Mortar

Houses built in the years before 1970 were constructed using Imperial measurement bricks. As time has passed, the more modern metric system has been employed which has often made sourcing matching bricks for replacement or extension a difficult matter. The rise in popularity of the internet has reduced the problem of sourcing matching bricks although metric-sized blocks are used on the internal leaf for their insulation properties.

A common problem caused by the slight mismatching is that mortar beds do not line up properly. This is due to the fact that three courses of Imperial bricks are higher than one course of metric blockwork, making installing a standard brick tie a difficult matter. The ties slope, causing water and damp to travel backwards towards the house as opposed to the external leaf of brickwork where they are designed to drop into the cavity.

Overcoming these problems is now a simple matter with the range of wall ties available from Twistfix.

Wavy tail brick ties are ideally suited to tying new masonry to an existing structure or, when extending a property, as a stainless steel starter tie. Installation is quick and easy, beginning with the drilling of a 10mm hole. The tie is then inserted into the masonry with resin and the triangular end is sunk into the mortar bed of the new masonry as it is being built. After this process, the tie can be cranked to exactly suit the misaligned brickwork. Wavy tail brick ties are sold in boxes of 100 and are available in 175, 200 and 225mm sizes to suit a range of cavities.

Twistfix wall starter screw ties are constructed from tough, durable stainless steel and are used to tie new walls to existing masonry structures. Eliminating the need for toothing, the ties are screw-operated and require no wall plugs or resin due to the innovative built-in expansion mechanism. To install, a small 8mm hole is first drilled before the tie is inserted and twisted. This allows the neoprene to expand in the masonry, quickly solving the issue. Ideal for extensions, garden walls and conservatories, the starter ties are installed at 225mm vertically and can be used as cavity wall ties when combined with the neoprene drip available. Wall starter and cavity screw ties are available in packs of 10 in sizes ranging from 50 to 100mm.

Using superior quality products is essential to the success of any construction project. Twistfix have built our impressive reputation over many years by refusing to stock anything less than the best and these wall ties, as with all of our damp proofing, masonry crack repair, mould removal and insulation products, will meet then exceed all expectations. Please contact a member of our dedicated team for advice and support.

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