New Construction Chemicals: Hydraflex Tanking Membrane

New Construction Chemicals: Hydraflex Tanking Membrane

At Twistfix, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of premium-quality building products to our customers, all of which are made available at an extremely competitive price point. Our product portfolio is often extended with the addition of new products in order to ensure that we provide the maximum level of service. One of the most recent additions is Hydraflex Flexible Tanking Membrane, which is an efficient method of protecting masonry structures from water damage.

The unique versatility of Hydraflex allows it to be used with equal success for external or internal applications. Ideal for protecting construction joints and crucial wall/floor junctions, the revolutionary formula can be used in practically any area, from building foundations, water tanks, cellars and lift pits to flat roofs, terraces, basements, podium decks and balconies. 

When correctly applied to mineral substrates, Hydraflex results in an permanent barrier that is completely impervious to water ingress, protecting vulnerable masonry. Even when used in the most vulnerable areas that experience high levels of movement and vibration, Hydraflex tanking membrane offers superior crack-bridging performance that other comparable products simply cannot match.

The unrivalled adhesive strength of Hydraflex is not affected by adverse application conditions such as overhead/­vertical surfaces, positive/­negative water pressure, sub-zero temperatures or the presence of damp. Mixing is quick and easy, as evidenced by the following guide:

  • Hydraflex is supplied as a two-part system: a bottle of concentrated liquid polymer and a bag of cementitious powder.
  • The first step is to shake the bottle vigorously, which ensures that the liquid polymer is thoroughly mixed. After leaving the liquid to settle in the bottle for around 20 seconds, decant it into a clean bucket or other appropriate container.
  • Now it is time to add the powder. This should be done gradually while continuously mixing. The best mixing method while adding the powder component, which will keep the generation of dust to its lowest possible level, is with the use of an electric paddle set to low-shear. 
  • When all of the cementitious powder is added to the liquid component, increase the paddle's shear setting and continue mixing until a uniform, lump-free consistency is achieved. 
  • If a thinner consistency is required, this can be achieved by adding no more than half a litre of clean water. 

Please visit the Hydraflex product page for more information about this game-changing product. If you want to be among the first to know when we add further new products to our collection, as well as receiving lots of other news and special offers from Twistfix, please subscribe to our free email newsletter. 

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