New Product: Hydraflex Flexible Tanking Membrane

Twistfix is proud to announce the addition of a brand new product, Hydraflex Flexible Tanking Membrane, to our extensive portfolio. For a limited time, this versatile product is available with a significant introductory price discount on the manufacturer's RRP.

Hydraflex comprises a two-part flexible coating designed to be applied to mineral substrates like masonry and concrete. When correctly mixed together and applied to such substrates, the high-concentration liquid polymer and cementitious powder bridges cracks, creating a robust and long-lasting waterproof seal that protects the substrate below.

Hydraflex is an especially versatile product that is suitable for use in areas that are vulnerable to vibration and/or substrate movements. The product can be used in either external or internal situations and is typically used in cellars, water tanks, foundations, basements, terraces, flat roofs, balconies, podium decks, lift pits, construction joints and at wall/floor junctions.

The product provides excellent adhesion qualities, even in damp conditions. Its superlative crack-bridging ability makes it perfect for use in high-risk areas and its performance is unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. Suitable for permanent waterproofing applications for both negative and positive water pressures, Hydraflex is exceptionally easy to work with, even when applying to vertical and/or overhead surfaces.

Hydraflex utilises a bag-and-bottle system which ensures the easiest, quickest and most accurate mixing. Here is a brief guide on how to mix the product correctly:

  • Shake the liquid polymer thoroughly
  • After allowing the formula to settle for up to 20 seconds, pour it into an empty bucket
  • Using an electric paddle (set to a low-shear setting to reduce the generation of dust), gradually add the powder to the liquid in the bucket
  • When all powder has been added, increase the mixing shear to vigorously mix the powder and liquid together for around two minutes
  • After this time, scrape any powder that has become stuck to the sides of the bucket back into the mixture and mix for a further two minutes or until the formula has a uniform, lump-free consistency
  • If required, add a maximum of half a litre of water to achieve the desired consistency

Find out more details about new Hydraflex Flexible Tanking Membrane on the Twistfix website, where you can also download comprehensive data sheets.

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