Pothole Pandemonium: 2023 is Officially the Worst Year on Record

In October this year, the results of a survey carried out by the RAC revealed that just under half (49%) of drivers felt that their 'biggest motoring worry' was the condition of local roads. Just one month later, these worries were found to be more than justified as the RAC announced that the number of vehicle breakdowns attributed to potholes had reached a record high. Established well over a century ago in 1897, the Royal Automobile Club is the oldest organisation of its type in the UK and is thus an extremely authoritative and trustworthy source.

Between the months of July and September of 2023, the RAC received just under 6,000 callout requests from drivers whose vehicles had broken down as a result of pothole damage. This quarterly figure was the highest ever recorded by the organisation since it began keeping records in 2006, representing a massive rise of 46% as compared to the same period in 2022. 

Data released by the RAC revealed that the average cost of vehicle repairs after pothole damage is £440, a price that many drivers are struggling to afford. There were many different types of damage reported, from punctured tyres and distorted wheels to broken suspension strings and shock absorbers. 

The UK government recently announced that it would be providing a total of £8.3 billion to be spent on highway maintenance. Though this is obviously a welcome investment, it still falls far short of the estimated £14 billion cost of 'bringing pothole-plagued local roads in England and Wales up to scratch'.

Simon Williams, the Head of Policy at the RAC, said of the government's announcement: "We very much look forward to finding out exactly how the money will be allocated. We have long argued that it's not just a question of filling potholes, it's about getting the roads in the worst condition resurfaced."

Meanwhile, the Automobile Association (AA) recently warned motorists to reduce the risk of pothole damage to their vehicles by avoiding puddles wherever possible while driving. Tony Rich, the AA's Public Relations Manager, said: "Our advice to drivers and those on two wheels is to avoid puddles where safe to do so, but if there is no alternative other than to travel through, then reduce your speed and keep an increased distance from the vehicle in front."

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