Potholes, Doll's Heads and £1m per Month

Damage caused to vehicles by potholes in the road is an expensive business. The AA recently released shocking statistics about the problem, which revealed that drivers and insurers are collectively spending over a million pounds EVERY MONTH on pothole damage to vehicles, prompting the motorist's organisation to declare that the UK is suffering from a 'pothole epidemic'.

The first four months of 2018 have been the worst on record, with the number of pothole-damage claims equalling those for the whole of the previous year. The 'pothole epidemic' was said to be a 'national embarrassment' by the AA, who attributed the shocking rise in claims to government spending cuts that cause councils to neglect essential road maintenance.

Janet Connor is the Director of Insurance for the AA and was quoted as saying that "local council budgets have been squeezed to the extent that competing priorities mean they don't have the resources to keep their roads up to scratch". She also pointed out that the AA received a large number of pothole-damage claims in which the car was described as 'severely damaged and un-driveable', a description that was unheard of in the previous year.

The estimated figure of £1m a month referred only to claims made, masking the true extent of the real figure. Many drivers with comparably minor damage (such as a ruined tyre, for example) would not have made a claim as it would not be worth paying the excess and losing no-claims bonuses.

Reactions to the claims have been generally angry, with most drivers and insurers pointing the finger of blame squarely at the government. In a bizarre yet effective campaign in terms of publicity, one driver highlighted potholes by filling them in... with the heads of dolls!

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