Save Water, Save your Garden and Save Money!

Sales of bottled water in the UK have rocketed over the past couple of weeks, which has been attributed to the sunshine and pleasantly-warm weather this month. But don't forget that your garden gets just as thirsty and will be needing more water than usual as summer approaches!

Before summer really starts to kick in, it's predicted that we'll have to endure plenty of rain first. So this is your last call to get your hands on a Rainwater Harvesting System; localised droughts and hosepipe bans occur in this country every single year and if it happens where YOU live, then your garden is at risk of dehydration.

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, it will save you money too. Anyone who has to pay the water rates will know just how precious a commodity fresh water actually is. During an average year, a typical roof in the UK will be covered with about 80,000 litres of usable water; that's enough to fill more than 1,300 baths!

Harvested rainwater is not only good for watering parched gardens. It can also be used for washing cars, windows, greenhouse, patio, cycles; you name it. You could also use it to top up your pond or even to flush toilets.

The Twistfix Rainwater Harvesting System is simple to use, easy to install, guaranteed to be of 100% quality and competitively-priced. 

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