Professional Waterproofing: Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit

Twistfix are expert suppliers of a comprehensive collection of professional damp proofing products, materials, equipment and accessories. One of the most popular options is the Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit which, like every other product in our vast portfolio, is guaranteed to combine 100% quality with a competitive, cost-effective price.

The Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit contains everything required to create an effective, long-lasting barrier against moisture ingress when isolating damp walls from the internal finishes that surround them. Though most frequently used after a remedial damp proof course has been installed, the components of the mesh membrane kit can also be used to successfully block damp penetration and to waterproof wet rooms and showers.

The waterproofing membrane system combines stand-off studs and a mesh face designed to accept tile adhesive, cement render and dot-and-dab dry lining. A consistent bestseller among professionals, the kit is particularly user-friendly, bending easily around corners and requiring only ordinary scissors or knives to cut accurately. Once installed, the membrane allows walls to breathe naturally, its mesh face letting water drain harmlessly away.

Need more information about the Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit or any other of our professional-quality damp proofing, water­­pro­­ofing, basement tanking, structural repair and renovation products? Get in touch with our expert technical team.

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