Record-Breaking Collections in Basement Conversions...

With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of abating and property prices at an all time high, moving home when you need more space is becoming a less and less viable option. A growing number of homeowners are finding that basement conversion provides an excellent solution to the problem, allowing them to maximise their existing living space in a cost-effective manner. 

The majority of people who opt for basement conversion do so in order to create extra space for living and working in. There are however a number of avid collectors whose collections have become so large and unwieldy that their converted basements have proved to be the best place to store and display them! This fun edition of the Twistfix blog goes underground to discover some of these record-breaking collections. 

World's Largest Collection of Model Ambulances
Austrian couple Susanne Ottendorfer and Siegfried Weinert hold this unusual record, having collected a massive 10,648 model ambulances, the oldest of which was manufactured back in 1895. The miniature fleet is housed across three rooms in the couple's converted basement.

World's Largest Collection of X-Men Memorabilia
Eric Jaskolka from Iowa in the USA began collecting X-Men comics in 1989. His interest in the franchise continued to grow and he began buying all kinds of X-Men themed items, achieving the record-breaking total of 15,400 individual items, all of which are meticulously arranged for display in his converted basement.

World's Largest Collection of Gift Cards
Brothers David and Aaron Miller from New York in the USA jointly hold this record, after amassing a total of 3,215 gift cards. The creative pair have created an eye-catching collage using the cards, completely covering one wall of their converted cellar. 

World's Largest Collection of Chocolate Bars
Most of us enjoy chocolate but none so much as Bob Brown, who collected no less than 770 different bars of chocolate to set this record. The sweet treats are neatly displayed on shelves that line the walls of his converted basement beneath his home in Indiana, USA.

World's Largest Collection of Iron Maiden Memorabilia
Rasmus Stavnsborg of Denmark chose to turn his converted basement into a fully-stocked bar for entertaining friends, soon realising that the new living space would be the perfect place to house his record-breaking collection of memorabilia related to the rock band Iron Maiden. Starting his collection at the tender age of just ten years old, superfan Rasmus has amassed a total of 4,168 individual items. 

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