Reliable Damp Proofing with Wykamol CM3 Tanking Membrane

Professional products used to prevent and treat damp walls are a Twistfix speciality. We always have a comprehensive collection of these vital products in stock and ready for immediate supply, all of which are made available to our discerning customers at a consistently-competitive trade price. 

In this edition of the Twistfix blog, we showcase Wykamol CM 3 mesh, one of the most effective tanking membranes on today's market, and available in roll sizes of 10, 20 and 40 square meters.

Moulded from robust yet flexible HDPE (High-Density PolyEthylene), the Baseline 3 tanking membrane is exceptionally easy to install and will last for the whole lifetime of the building structure. One face of the versatile membrane features 3mm studs with spacings of 20mm; the gaps between these studs fulfil the dual roles of allowing water to drain while also permitting ventilation so that the walls can 'breathe'. 

A polypropylene mesh on the reverse face of the 3 mm tanking membrane forms a perfect key for dot-and-dab dry lining and plastering. It will support all kinds of plasterboard adhesives, plasters and renders. 

The 3 mm mesh membrane is versatile and suitable for damp-proofing walls above and beneath the ground. Above ground, it is advantageous where there is a requirement to plaster walls without the time allowance needed for initial drying, for instance, following the installation of a remedial damp proof course. Below ground, the product is also suitable for damp-proofing vaulted ceilings. Baseline 3 can be used successfully during the installation of showers and wet rooms and also works well in damp/­contaminated areas that could otherwise be difficult to treat, such as at high ground levels and in disused chimney breasts.   

When properly installed, the Baseline 3 tanking membrane is strongly resistant to many damaging elements, including salt transfer, moisture, water vapour, impact, loading and punctures. Whether used for new build or retrofit applications, the mesh membrane is perfect for use in Type C (drained protection) constructions, rigidly according to the demanding BS 8102: 2009 standard. 

To install Baseline 3, you will require mesh membrane plugs to fix the membrane to the wall, along with waterproofing tape or butyl rubber rope to seal joints between membrane strips. Both of these products are available to purchase separately from Twistfix. For added cost-effectiveness, you can buy our comprehensive Damp Check mesh membrane kit, which contains a 10 square meter roll of Baseline 3, fixing plugs and the sealing ancillaries. 

Please browse the Twistfix website for more information about these crucial damp proofing products. 

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