Save £££s on Baseline Water­pro­ofing Membrane!

Basement conversion continues to increase in popularity, driven partly by increasing property prices and partly by improved access to basement water­pro­ofing materials. One such material is Baseline 8 Mesh cavity drain membrane, which is a consistent bestseller in the Twistfix tanking product portfolio.

Baseline Mesh water­pro­ofing membrane is a versatile material that is primarily designed for water­­pro­­ofing basement walls as part of a BS 8102: 2009 Type C drained tanking system, delivering a Grade 3 dry environment: it can also be used above ground for water­pro­ofing walls.

This great value, high quality tanking membrane is made in the UK and incorporates a surface of polyp­ro­pylene mesh, which is key to supporting plaster or adhesive dabs for dry-lining. Moulded from HDPE (High Density Poly­et­hylene), Baseline 8 mesh membrane features integral stand-off studs and is supplied with a mesh-free strip at the edge to permit sheets to be overlaped and sealed.

Simple to cut and install, Baseline 8 Mesh is a durable and robust cavity drain plaster membrane. The material has an air-gap of nearly five litres per square metre, allowing plenty of water drainage as well as air circulation: this means that the walls beneath have ample opportunity to drain and breathe. When properly sealed with butyl water­pro­ofing tape, Baseline 8 tanking membranes create a watertight seal that isolates masonry from internal finishes.

BBA Approved Baseline 8 water­pro­ofing mesh membrane is supplied by Twistfix in separate rolls or can also be purchased as part of a compre­hen­sive kit that includes the tape and seals necessary for successful installation. Browse our website now to discover big discounts on these products!

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