Save Time & Money with Brick Coloured Repair Mortar

Fulfilling the twin purposes of protecting the structure and giving it a visually-pleasing aesthetic, the face bricks of a building play a crucial role. The effects of weathering can, over time, damage these face bricks, leading to the need for costly, intrusive and time-consuming replacement. Twistfix supply a reliable alternative in the form of coloured brick repair mortar.

Brick Face repair with coloured mortar

Damaged brick face

Brick Face Repair Mortar

The longer face bricks are exposed to the elements, the worse the damage becomes: this means that older buildings are particularly vulnerable. As colour matching is such an important part of the remedial process, expensive and difficult replacement has in the past been the only option. 

Brick coloured repair mortar from Twistfix is available in 11 different colours traditionally used in brick constructions, allowing the perfect match to be easily found. One of the most popular colour options is Burnt Orange but the range also includes Old London Red/Yellow, Carbon Black, Hamstone Yellow and Traditional Red.

All of our brick coloured repair mortars are vapour-permeable, permitting moisture and salts to freely migrate to the surface of the masonry. This delivers robust resistance to salt expansion, stopping the freeze/thaw cycle in its tracks and preventing future spalling. With excellent bonding qualities, the mortars are totally compatible with oven-fired masonry units, ensuring a durable repair and unspoiled aesthetics every time.

Discover the full range of colour options along with a usage guide on the Twistfix website.

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