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The Twistfix brand is a well-known and respected one. Synonymous with high-quality products and professional, reputable contractors, the brand instils confidence and a feeling of security. Anyone employing one of these Twistfix-registered contractors can feel the utmost security that their project will be carried out using our extensive range of superior damp proofing and building repair products, an incredibly important factor when dealing with the complex problems posed by cracked masonry and damp problems.

Masonry crack repair products offer a variety of solutions to serious structural problems, ensuring the structure suffers no further damage such as cracks widening or increased water ingress leading to damp issues. A range of wall ties are available to stabilise bowing walls that suffer from cavity tie failure. Problems caused by damp are well documented and can lead to rapid degradation of a building, as well as endangering human health by encouraging the growth of damaging mould. Mould removal is a costly process so prevention is always better than cure; complexities of this nature must be solved properly which is why Twistfix products, installed by experienced and conscientious builders, are the natural choice.

We are proud to present our van-stickers which bear the distinctive Twistfix logo. Instantly-recognisable, the stickers clearly show that the contractor is a member of our registered contractor network and uses high quality Twistfix products. Not only does the logo sticker reassure the customer, it also provides invaluable advertising for the builder when travelling to and from a job, creating new leads and further enhancing awareness of the brand. Registered Contractors can now receive these stickers from Twistfix: contact us for how to get yours. To get more information on how to become a Twistfix-registered contractor and start to enjoy all of the benefits that brings, please follow the link on the home page or contact a member of our team directly for clear, concise information on how to apply. We look forward to sending out our van stickers to all of our registered contractors.

The Twistfix range of solutions for crack stitching, masonry crack repair, damp proofing and mould removal feature a wide array of innovative products, from spray foam insulation and wall ties to waterproofing membrane and mould treatments.

For more information on our wide range of building repair products, please contact a member of our dedicated team on 0845 123 6007 or email

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