Technoseal Damp Proof Paint

Damp problems which arise when water and moisture becomes apparent can leave mould problems and this in turn can be damaging to both the property and to your health.

Damp is a massive problem within many of our homes, workplaces and various other buildings. But it doesn’t have to be, our damp proof paint can actually act as a waterproof membrane providing an effective solution to waterproofing your walls.

Technoseal DPM is a general purpose paint which is quick drying and can be applied to any sound masonry effectively.

When applying using a brush, roller or spray the paint will provide a non-toxic and non hazardous damp proof treatment which is dry to touch in an hour.

Further to being non-toxic and non-hazardous the paint is solvent free and can be used both inside and out to prevent penetration dampness and its damaging effects.

The paint when dry will form a tough, robust layer with semi-gloss finish and furthermore provides the much needed barrier to water and prevents damp. It has a good, strong bond to many substrates and can even be applied to alkaline surfaces whilst providing resistance to silage acids.

It comes in black or white and at just £36.50 plus VAT for 5 litres it could be the perfect barrier in order to fully waterproof floors and walls, swimming pools and ponds.

For more information then take a look at Technoseal Damp proof paint or our full range of masonry and floor treatments. Alternatively for help and advice please call 0845 123 6007 or email

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