The EP40 System is the Best Way to Protect Concrete Floors

Concrete is an extraordinarily strong material which makes it an excellent choice for flooring. That said, concrete floors can still be susceptible to damage, especially in high-traffic environments where they are in constant use. As always, prevention is far better than cure and one of the most effective methods of ensuring that such damage does not occur is EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System. Designed and developed by top brand Wykamol, the products that comprise the system are available here at Twistfix.

Expressly designed to provide immediate, lasting protection to concrete floors, application of the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System results in an impervious, highly-durable protective finish. The finish gives the floor unparalleled resistance to damage, whether that be from chemicals such as fuels and lubricants or from the wear-and-tear caused by vehicles and footfall. Ideal for use in just about any environment from warehouses and factories to hospitals and schools, the EP40 system also reduces maintenance requirements, making the finished floor easier to keep clean.  

The first step involves the application of the EP40 primer coat using a roller or brush. Upon application, this formula begins to deeply migrate into the substrate, ensuring that even its tiniest pores are completely blocked. In addition, the primer creates a mechanical key that will allow the finish coat to adhere strongly. 

Available in either clear or grey formats, the system's next element is the finishing coat, which creates a waterproof, dust-free protective finish. As the formula is water-based, it has an extremely low odour which makes it especially useful in environments such as dairies, bakeries, breweries and food-preparation areas in which solvent-based alternatives cannot be safely used. 

It is important to note the the concrete floor must be completely clean and dry; if it is not so, the formula may not adhere correctly. It is recommended that the floor is first either mechanically abraded or vacuum shot-blasted before application. If the concrete has just been laid, the EP40 system should not be used until a period of seven days has elapsed. 

EP40 primer and finish coating are supplied by Twistfix in containers of 5kg; this should be sufficient to protect as much as 40 square metres of concrete floor depending on its roughness and porosity. The components of the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System are priced at just £62.40 each, significantly lower than the manufacturer's RRP. 

More details about the EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System from Wykamol, along with our full range of Wykamol products, can be found on the Twistfix website. 

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