The Perfect Brick Face Repair

The face bricks of buildings are the first line of defence against the elements and can become damaged over time. Replacing these bricks can be costly and, particularly with older bricks, sourcing the right match almost impossible. The solution is brick face repair and Twistfix make it easy with our brick-coloured repair mortar, available in a wide selection of colours.

Brick Face Repair Mortar

Damaged brick face

Brick Face repair with coloured mortar

Repairing damaged face bricks with our colour matching repair mortar is far less disruptive than replacing them. The method also ensures a high level of cost-effectiveness both in terms of material and labour costs. The appearance of the damaged brickwork is immediately improved when repaired using the mineral-based mortar, which has been specifically designed for restoring damaged brick surfaces.

Colour matching brick repair mortar is vapour permeable. This means that salts and moisture are allowed to freely migrate to the surface, a quality which creates strong resistance to salt expansion and prevents the freeze/thaw cycle that causes spalling at the brick face. Showing the most outstanding bonding charac­te­ristics, coloured repair mortar has been formulated to be wholly compatible with oven-fired masonry units and each colour-matched compound promises to deliver the most robust, durable finish with a natural aesthetic.

Using the mortar is easy and fast, giving professional results. Full instructions are provided with the product but here is a brief guide of how to use;

  • Clear damaged bricks of all dust and dirt

  • Lightly wet the substrate

  • Mix the repair mortar with water. Use 1 part of water with 4 to 5 parts of powder

  • Apply in layers up to 20mm thick; final layer should stand proud of brick surface and given time to cure

  • After curing and for up to 48hrs after application, mortar can be sanded and shaped as required

  • Wash tools and spills with clear water

  • Note; product should not be used in temperatures below 5°C

There are 11 different colours to choose from in our selection and each is guaranteed to provide a professional level of brick repair. Enjoy browsing the collection and contact our experts for further advice and information.

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