Twistfix Bestsellers: The Brick Pinning Kit

Numerous factors can generate movements in brick, block or stone structures, resulting in the development and progression of cracks in walls.  After identifying the dynamics that cause the defects and resolving the root issues, it is vital to reconnect cracked masonry to restore its strength and durability.

Here at Twistfix, we offer a comprehensive, professional collection of products designed to facilitate masonry crack repair reliably. Many of these products are in a cost-effective kit containing all components required to effect lasting repairs discretely.  One of these kits is a consistent bestseller among our discerning customers, the Brick Pin Fixing Kit.

The kit provides an ideal retrofit solution for pining arches, connecting multiple parallel layers of masonry, or tying perpendicular walls at junctions and corners.  The incredible versatility of the concealed pinning system makes it ideal for repairing cracks and connecting walls in buildings ranging from small domestic properties to more substantial constructions such as masonry arch bridges and tunnels. 

Every kit contains ten heavy-duty stitching bars, each a meter long and made from Grade 304 stainless steel, a metal prized for its strength and corrosion resistance.  The 8mm diameter helical bars have a nominal tensile strength of 1,100 N/mm² and a mass of at least 25% more than the 8mm bars of other brands, making them better suited for use in situations requiring added strength.

Also included in the bestselling brick pinning kit is a 10kg container of WHO 60 masonry repair and bonding grout, comprising a liquid and powder component.  The specialist polymetric grout boasts exceptional strength: after 28 days, the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of WHO 60 grout are 55 N/mm², 5 N/mm² and 12 N/mm², respectively.  Completing the kit is a handy mixer paddle along with a mortar gun and masonry pinning nozzle set. 

How to Use the Helical Brick Pinning Kit

  1. Drill a series of anchorage holes at the specified spacings and depth.
  2. Flush the bores with water to remove debris and saturate the masonry.
  3. Mix the WHO-60 repair mortar and fill each hole with the grout.
  4. Push or knock in an 8mm heavy-duty bar into each grout-filled bore.
  5. Patch the drill openings with a matching mortar to disguise and conceal the repair.

Check out our YouTube video for a visual demonstration of this process. 

Over the coming weeks, the Twistfix blog will focus on our range of easy-to-use and highly effective retrofit masonry reinforcement systems. By combining various products and repair techniques, contracting customers can offer a wide selection of structural repair strategies. Please subscribe to our free newsletter to make sure you don't miss out.

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