Twistfix Bestsellers: The Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit

Damp is one of the most common problems within a broad and diverse array of different types of property. Whichever type it occurs in, it can lead to serious structural issues and cause outbreaks of unsightly and unhealthy mould and mildew.

Here at Twistfix, we stock and supply a comprehensive collection of products designed to remedy and prevent all kinds of dampness. Just like with every other product we provide, these items are guaranteed exceptional professional quality and are made available to our discerning customers at the most competitive price. This blog edition showcases one of the bestselling items from our collection of damp-proofing products, the Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit

The kit contains all the necessary items to install a reliable, ultra-effective moisture barrier to isolate damp walls from vulnerable internal finishes. Exceptionally versatile, these kits are especially suitable for use after a chemical damp course has been installed but can also be used when installing showers/wet rooms and anywhere where the blocking of damp penetration is required. 

At the heart of the Damp-Check Mesh-Membrane Kit is a roll of air-gap tanking membrane sufficient to treat a ten square metres surface of a damp wall. The membrane is flexible but durable, can be installed rapidly, bending around any corner and easily cut with scissors or a knife. 

One side of the membrane has a mesh face that successfully accepts cement renders, tile adhesive and dot-and-dab dry-lining. The reverse side features an array of 3mm stand-off studs set at 20mm centres with air gaps between them, allowing water to drain safely behind the membrane while permitting the walls to breathe. 

Along with the tanking membrane, which comes in a 10m x 1m roll, the Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit also contains a 10m roll of waterproofing tape made from butyl rubber and the 100 hammer-in fixing plugs required for installation. 

Installation is a rapid and straightforward process:

  1. Hold the membrane tightly against the wall's surface before drilling 8mm anchor holes through the membrane and into the brickwork or blockwork.
  2. Secure the tanking membrane to the wall using the provided hammer-in fixing plugs.
  3. Seal all membrane joints with the included butyl rubber waterproofing tape.
  4. Overlay the anchored and sealed membrane with tiles, plaster or dot-and-dab plasterboard sheets. 

Please browse our website for more details about the bestselling Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit from Twistfix and our complete collection of damp-proofing and moisture remediation products. If you need further information or advicee, our dedicated technical team will be happy to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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