Twistfix Training Courses

We have a range of training courses specifically for Twistfix customers. These are a great opportunity to gain training in a specific area or just to refresh already existing knowledge.

The training courses will last around four hours and lunch will be provided on both course one and course two. There are two currently that you can choose from:

They will cost £100 each and are available across the UK.

Course one which will be on Dampness within Buildings will cover the various types of dampness which you may find within a building. It will then explain now to correctly identify the dampness as well as explaining about various diagnostic tools which you can use to help with the identification process.

This course will also cover the specifics of rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation as well as timber decay. Industry standards and regulations will also be discussed as well as the remediation of dampness. The different problems associated with dampness in buildings as well as ventilation will also are included within this training course as it is important that when dealing with dampness within buildings the correct ventilation is also addressed.

Extended training modules which are attached to this seminar will be highly suitable for builders, specifiers and anybody who is interested in the refurbishment of buildings.

The second course which we have on offer is the Basement Waterproofing for Habitable Use. This will cover the new requirements of BS8102:2009. Since this has changed it is important that builders, specifiers and anybody interested within the basement waterproofing industry are aware of these.

It is in this second course cementitous systems will be discussed as well as cavity drain membranes and the use of external membranes.

Sometimes waterproofing systems fail and this course will delve into some of the reasons as to why this occurs as well as issues concerning radon and other gases. As with course one various documents and standards will be addressed and thus we will apply these when we take a look at a range of case studies. This course can be applied to either new build basements or existing basement conversions.

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