Warm Roof Deck Insulation Fixings - Stainless

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  • Flat Roof Fixing Stainless
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Warm roof deck fixings for 6mm plywood faced composite insulation boards and panels. Superior flat roof nail requiring fewer roofing fixings with spacings at 600 x 400mm centres.  Thats just 6.9 per m2

Insofast-18 warm roofing fixings are button-headed nails having engineered Thor Helical shanks to corkscrew into roofing timbers. Insofast flat roof fixings offer a 80% reduction in cold bridging, compared to zinc plated Suretwist fixings, due to a CSA measuring just 9mm2 and due to stainless steel being 4 times less conductive than carbon steel. Additionally stainless insulation fasteners offer maximum protection against the corrosion potential of interstitial conden­sation.

145mm helical fixings for 85-110mm warm roof insulation boards
170mm helical nails for 115-135mm warm roof insulation panels
195mm roofing nails for 140-160mm thick flat roof insulation boards 
220mm long fixings for 165-185mm flat roof insulation laminates

Buy Insofast-18 roofing nails in packs of 20. For fixing plywood faced composite warm roof deck insulation boards use a hammer or buy a rapid impact Insofast-D SDS setting tool to drive at least 35mm into roofing timbers.

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25th Mar 2014, 22:12
Very efficient website which carries high quality stainless steel fixings to hold deep insulation to walls and roof.

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