Amazing Anchors for Impeccable Insulation

Insulation offers a host of benefits to buildings, from helping to maintain comfortable ambient temperatures indoors to delivering impressive cost savings and lower environmental impact through a reduced need for using energy. As well as keeping the inside of a building warm in cold weather, proper insulation also helps to keep temperatures comfortable during the warmer months.

Various insulation materials are available; the most common and cost-effective are mineral wool, polystyrene and foam insulation boards. These materials need to be firmly secured to the masonry they are attached to as any slippage or displacement may result in the insulation not functioning to its full thermal potential. The best way to secure rigid insulation sheets to masonry is to use Insofast insulation fixings, also referred to as insulation anchors or insulation fasteners.

Insofast-35 insulation anchors are Class A1 non-combustible mechanical fixings made from high-strength steel plated with zinc to improve corrosion resistance. When used correctly, these superior fixings will provide up to twice the performance of comparable friction-fix tubular metal anchors.

Each patented Insofast-35 insulation fixing has a perforated head along with a reinforcing centre having a dome shape. The centre is attached to a twisted Thor helical shank, allowing the anchor to quickly drive into solid building materials, such as brick, concrete and lightweight block.

The non-combustible fasteners are ideal for securely attaching mineral wool insulation to concrete soffit boards and masonry walls in any application where fire-resistance is indicated. They can be used with equal success to fix insulation panels (such as Rockwool, Kingspan or Celotex boards) when used in conjunction with galvanised Rendalath.

A full range of sizes is available and, the anchors are sold in convenient packs of 20 or cost-effective boxes of 400. When used to fix insulation boards, pilot holes should be drilled at least 40mm into the masonry. No pilot hole is required when fixing Celcon or Thermalite blocks.

Twistfix supply a wide range of fire-rated insulation fastening solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact our technical team for expert advice.

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