Baseline® Cavity Drain Membrane: Twistfix Celebrate BBA Certification

Baseline® Cavity Drain Membrane: Twistfix Celebrate BBA Certification

Twistfix, one of the UK's largest suppliers of damp proofing materials and specialised building products to the construction and refur­bis­hment industries, recently announced that its Baseline range of cavity drain membranes has gained British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification. In addition, the Baseline® range of waterproofing membranes and accessories has been granted a Registered Trademark by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

The BBA is the leading construction certification body in the UK and has been for more than five decades. Earning BBA certification for a product is a mark of excellence and demonstrates that the product is safe, fully compliant with all relevant regulations and fit for the purpose designed. Certification is only granted after extensive, rigorous testing of the product has been independently carried out. 

Why use BBA Approved tanking membranes? 

Because, in the structural waterproofing industry, bargain basements are simply not an option!

Twistfix Baseline® is a collection of UK-manufactured cavity drain membranes, available in different options to suit Type C tanking of walls, floors and other areas. The innovative product range is designed to prevent water ingress in structures that are damp, subject to high groundwater levels or otherwise vulnerable to recurrent moisture. Baseline® waterproofing membranes are sold by Twistfix individually or as part of a complete kit, which contains the necessary waterproof tape and membrane fixing plugs required for installation.

The Registered Trade Mark for the “Baseline” mark recently granted to Twistfix by the UK Intellectual Property Office is in respect of Class 19 goods.  It covers “Damp proof membranes of synthetic plastics materials; Non-metallic flashings for waterproofing buildings; Non-metal drains for use in construction of basement waterproofing systems; Non-metallic parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods".  The trade mark serves to distinguish the brand from others in the industry.

The new BBA certification and Registered Trademark status of the Baseline® range at Twistfix® will further improve the already-impressive reputations of both brand and company. 

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