Brick Coloured Mortar - Traditional Red

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Traditional Red-coloured Brick Mortar is used to patch-repair chipped, blown and frost-damaged brick walls. This lime based formulation from Total Wall Care has excellent bonding power and is vapour permeable, allowing brickwork to breathe.
  • Ensure damaged bricks are free from dust, dirt and loose particles.
  • Substrate should be lightly wetted but not over-soaked.
  • Thoroughly mix 1 part water to 4-5 parts repair mortar powder
  • Apply the colour-dyed mortar in layers not exceeding 20mm in thickness.
  • The final layer should be slightly proud of the brick surface and allowed to cure.
  • Classic Plum repair can then be sanded, shaped and re-modelled for up to 48 hours after application.
  • The mortar should not be used in temperatures below 5°C.
  • Wash tooling and spills with clear water.
Please refer to detailed instruction on the packaging.
This colour-fast brick repair mortar contains pigments to match traditional red-coloured brickwork.  It is designed solely as a brick-matching adhesive filler for repairing damaged masonry surfaces
  • Compression Strength: 8-12 N/mm2
  • Water Mixing Ratio: 7-9 Litre/Kg
  • Volume mixed mortar: 800 ml/Kg
  • Coverage - 15mm thick: 1.25 Kg/m2

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