Brick Dye Testing Pots Back in Stock!

The unrivalled Twistfix collection of masonry repair products includes brick tinting dyes that can completely transform the aesthetic appearance of any masonry building. Whether using a brick dye to revive faded masonry or create a completely new look, it's essential to carry out a trial that will ensure you've made the right choice of colour.

To facilitate such a trial, Twistfix supplies small testing pots of each colour of dye. After a brief period during which these were unavailable due to unprecedented demand, we are pleased to announce that the testing pots are available once again: for a limited time, the pots are available with a cost-effective price discount.

Our handy testing pots contain a non-permanent version of the colour-fast brick stain solution: easily removed with a pressure washer and proprietary brick cleaner after application, the formula found in our testing pots gives you full peace of mind when using. Just like with the permanent brick stain dyes, you can lighten the chosen tone by diluting or even mix different tints to create unique hues.

Twistfix brick tinting dyes, along with their respective testing pots, are available in a wide selection of colours, including Burnt Orange, Carbon Black, Classic Plum, Coffee Brown, Hamstone Yellow and Old London Red. Each testing pot contains 75ml of dye, which is more than enough to carry out the required test on masonry surfaces. Once you're happy with the shade, simply order a full 1L container and get to work!

Applying Twistfix masonry staining dyes is simple and full instructions are of course provided with each purchase. You can access these instructions before you buy on the Twistfix website: simply click HERE or visit the product page.

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