Edincare Macerator

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Edincare macerator is pumps waste from a complete bathroom suite to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible or is uneconomical to install. The unit Incorporates WC pan connection and two 32/ 40mm connectors for additional appliances such as basins, bidets or showers.

The PowerFlush model incorporates razor sharp stainless steel blades that act like a pair of rotary scissors to cut up waste items and reduce the chance of a blockage.

  • Dimensions (mm):L x W x H 414 x 197 x 287
  • Motor Rating: 1100 Watts
  • Max. Vertical Output: 7 Metres
  • Max. Horizontal Output: 50 Metres
  • Max. Flow Rate: 96 Litres per minute

The Edincare Powerflush Macerator is compact and easy to install, discharging to the left or rght, and has an impressive 7m vertical output capacity


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