Options for Treating Dampness in Houses

Damp is one of the most common structural issues encountered by homeowners. Here at Twistfix, we specialise in the supply of a comprehensive collection of products designed to prevent and treat damp in all of its many forms. In this edition of our blog, we showcase some of the signature products from this extensive range. 

Thermal Dry Anti-Condensation Coating
ThermalDry is a highly-effective damp proof paint for walls. The water-based acrylic formula incorporates minuscule glass beads which, after the paint has been applied, work to reflect thermal energy away from walls in much the same way as a Thermos flask. This imbues the walls with strong protection against condensation and damp.

After gentle stirring by hand, a single coat of the formula is applied horizontally. When this first coat has dried, a process that takes between two and four hours, a second coat should be applied in a vertical direction. ThermalDry can be successfully applied over existing concrete, brick, plaster or paint. 

For added protection from mould growth, we recommend using ThermalDry damp proofing paint in conjunction with fungicidal paint additive, which is also available to purchase from Twistfix.

Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit
Our expert team has put together this comprehensive kit, which contains everything required to create a permanent moisture barrier that effectively isolates damp walls from internal finishes. At the heart of the kit is a 10-metre roll of water-reisitent damp proof membrane for walls; one side of the membrane features stand-off studs to allow the drainage of water while the reverse side has a mesh face to accept renders, plasters and tile adhesives. 

Installing the mesh membrane is easy, After first drilling anchor holes, the damp proofing membrane is secured to the wall with the use of the supplied hammer-in fixings. All of the joints should then be sealed with the included butyl waterproofing tape. Plastering, tiling or rendering can then be carried out in the usual manner. 

Electro Osmotic Standard Kit
The electro osmosis method of treating rising damp is especially suitable for use on rubble-filled walls and is the only treatment that can be used above the joists of timber flooring to to drive excess moisture down to a level beneath them. Electro osmotic damp proofing works by imbuing free molecules of water with a positive charge; these positively-charged molecules are then repelled from a positive anode and correspondingly attracted to a buried negative cathode.

Our electro osmosis damp proofing kit contains everything you will need to install an effective camp proof course including 24 titanium anodes, copper plated cathode, power unit, wire, crimps and crimping tool.  

For more details about these products, along with our complete damp proofing collection, please browse the Twistfix website. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest news from Twistfix!

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