Lateral Restraint Ties for Structural Integrity

Our last article featured our helical structural repair ties, which are used to secure brick ​façades to perpendicular walls, helping to restore structural integrity. These crucial components go hand-in-hand with lateral restraint ties, which are used horizontally to tie façades to a buildings flooring diaphragm; together they provide a comprehensive structural solution to stabilise bowing walls.

Tying bulging brickwork to the internal structure of a floor is made quick, simple and effective with lateral restraint ties from Twistfix. Each robust, high-quality tie features a drill-like leading end, designed to powerfully cut into softwood using a standard drill. The bars are simply wound into the timber before being resin-fixes to the gable brickwork, delivering an immediate, lasting solution.

One of the most impressive features of lateral restraint bars is that they are fixed from outside of the property, meaning that a minimum of disruption occurs during installation. Determining the position of the relevant joists and ensuring services such as gas, water and electricity are avoided simply involves lifting a small number of floorboards before installation proceeds.

Lateral restraint tie bars are supplied in packs of five and there is a choice of different lengths available to suit any application. An even more economical option is the comprehensive Lateral Restraint Wall Tie Kit, which contains everything required to complete a professional job. The kit includes:

  • Five lateral restraint tie bars, each of one metre in length
  • An SDS setting tool to allow easy winding of restraint ties into joists
  • An SDS masonry drill bit
  • A pack of polyester resin with integral mixer nozzle
  • A co-axial resin applicator

For more details about these products, check out our website or call our technical team.

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