Mortar Gun & Nozzle

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A precise delivery applicator gun kit for dispensing thixotropic cement-based materials into bed joints or slots. Kit comprises large skeleton gun, synthetic pipe, cone piece and tapered steel nozzle. Useful for intricate placement of grouts.

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Crack Stitching Bars

These 6mm Crack stitching bars for masonry repairs and rein­for­cement of cracks in walls. High tensile (circa 8kN) helical bars for repairing a cracked wall permanently - Pack of 10
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Crack stitch repair pump for fast injection of thixotropic mortars. Superb for repairing masonry wall cracks with helical bars and grout. Useful for pointing walls and patios at high speed.
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Masonry Pinning Nozzle Set

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Masonry Repair Grout

Masonry repair grout for bonding helical stitching bars into cracked walls. High performance adhesive grout used for structural repairs and rein­for­cement. Tested at the BRE. Yield 3L
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Rating 5.0 of 5