Mould Removal & Prevention

As well as causing structural damage, damp can cause the growth of mould on internal surfaces. Here at Twistfix, we supply an extensive collection of professional products designed to prevent damp and remediate the many issues it can cause, including that of mould growth. In this edition of our blog, we showcase some of these products.

Outbreaks of mould caused by damp are at best unsightly, impacting the aesthetic value of a property; much worse are the serious impacts that mould can have on human health. When touched or inhaled, the allergens and irritants present within mould spores can cause rashes and other skin problems, as well as producing or exacerbating respiratory conditions like asthma. Mould is a problem that does not go away on its own; in fact, the issue will continue to get worse until it is addressed.

Our professional collection of products designed to remove mould and prevent it from recurring include:

Mould Remover Concentrate
Mould remover concentrate from Twistfix is ideal for combating mould growth on painted and papered surfaces in the indoor environment. Supplied in concentrated form, the formula should be mixed with clean water at a ratio of 5:1 before use. As each container has five litres of concentrate, it will thus produce 25 litres of ready-to-use solution. 
After mixing, the solution should be applied liberally to any surface affected by mould growth. Where the surface is papered, the formula works as a stripping agent and so the affected paper can be easily removed after application. After the plaster or paper is removed, a second application of the formula should be carried out to make sure that no residue of mould spores remains and that the surface is fully sterilised.

Mould Remover Kit
Designed for professional use, our comprehensive mould remover kit comprises all of the products necessary to eradicate unhealthy outbreaks of mould and prevent any recurrence. The kit, put together by industry experts, represents a swift, safe and ultra-reliable solution

Our mould remover kit centres on a one-litre spray bottle of powerful biocide, which is enough to treat around ten square metres of mould-affected surface. Also included within the kit are two bottles of fungicidal additive to help prevent mould from recurring; this additive can be mixed with paint, tiling grout or wallpaper paste for use on walls and ceilings and can also be combined with undercoat, gloss paint or solvent-based primers for use on timber surfaces like window and door frames. Bottles of fungicidal additive can also be purchased separately from our website. The kit is completed with giggles and protective gloves for maximum user safety during application.

For more information about these superior mould removal products, along with our complete collection, please browse the Twistfix website. Also, why not check out our YouTube channel for lots of helpful information and how-to guides?

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