Solving Damp Issues: Mould Removal and Prevention

Structural dampness, especially that caused by conden­sation, can cause myriad issues. One of these is the growth of mould on affected surfaces. As part of the compre­hen­sive array of damp prevention and remediation products supplied by Twistfix, we stock a selection of items designed to help treat outbreaks of mould and prevent them from recurring.

As well as being extremely unsightly, mould caused by damp can have severe health impacts on people living and working in affected envi­ron­ments. Moulds are known for producing irritants and allergens: touching or inhaling the spores can induce skin rashes and trigger asthma attacks. If the outbreaks remain unchecked, they will not go away, and mould will continue to grow.

The Twistfix collection of mould removal and prevention products includes:

Mould Remover Kit

This compre­hen­sive kit contains everything required to kill mould and help prevent outbreaks from recurring. The kit has been designed and composed by experts in the industry, offering safe, reliable and straightforward treatment for removing toxic mould.

Each kit includes one litre of ready-to-use biocide in a handy spray bottle, providing enough solution to cover ten square metres of affected surface. There are also two 100ml containers of fungicidal additive which, when mixed with emulsion or gloss paint and applied, help to ensure that there will be no further issues with mould growth. Also included is an application sponge, along with protective gloves and goggles.

Mould Remover Concentrate

Intended for use on papered or painted indoor surface finishes affected by mould growth, this formula is for professional use only in killing mould and sterilising affected surfaces. The user should first mix mould Remover Concentrate at 5:1 water-to-concentrate formula: each cost-effective container of five litres, therefore, produces 25 litres of mould-killing solution.

Next, the workperson should liberally apply the mixed solution to the affected surfaces. The solution acts as a highly effective stripping agent on papered surfaces, making removing the mould-affected paper more straigh­tforward. Once removed, the mould-affected paper/­plaster should be securely bagged and taken outside for disposal.

Finally, the technician should treat the affected surfaces with a second application of the diluted solution to remove all residue of dead mould spores and leave the surface clean.

Kindly browse the Twistfix website to discover our complete mould prevention and removal products collection.

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