Thermaldry Anti-Conden­sation coating

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Thermaldry anti-conden­sation coating  is an acrylic  water based Emulsion paint incor­porating small hollow glass beads. The micro  glass beads work like small thermos flasks , blocking thermal energy by reflecting it away from the walls , protecting the walls from damp and condensation which can cause s moisture and mould growth. Thermaldry increases the wall temperature reducing the dew point , the temperature which condensation occurs.

Thermaldry is a two coat system which should be applied as one coat horizontal followed by one coat applied vertically. Drying time between coats 2-4 hours , with a minimum application temperature of 5 degrees C and a maximum application temperature of 30 degrees C.

The paint should be stirred gently so as not to damage the micro beads. DO NOT USE A MECHANICAL STIRRER. Thermal dry can be applied over existing paint, plaster , brick and concrete.

Ideal Uses

Bathrooms, Utility rooms, Kitchens and cold external walls.


  • When dry the coating is waterproof and warm to the touch.
  • Prevents Black mould.
  • Reduces the risk of conden­sation.
  • Reduces thermal conductivity saving energy and fuel costs in your home.

Coverage 4-5 m2/Litre /per coat.  Available in 2.5 and 5 litre containers.

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