Thor Helical remedial wall ties

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Multi Layer Brick Ties

Helical tie bars for connecting multiple layers of brick or stone when reinforcing the separating leaves of a solid wall without the need for special grouts or mortars. Packed in lots of 50
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Retrofit Wall Connectors - 10Pk

Retrofit Wall Connectors are long-series, 12mm diameter spiral wall ties that are driven deep into masonry to form a mechanical connection that needs no cement, grout or resin. Available 610, 760 and 910mm - 10Pk
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Structural Repair Ties - 10Pk

Structural repair ties are extra long 12mm diameter drive-in helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls. Lengths 1070 (42"), 1220 (48") and 1370mm (54") - 10Pk
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Twist Nails

Helical twist nails fix timber battens to masonry. The fixing corkscrews through timber and self-taps into masonry to deliver a cost effective method of battening out for dry-lining - Packs of 100 with FREE SDS tool
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Timber Frame Ties

Flexible timber frame ties with multiple drip points. These CE marked ties to connect a timber frame structure to a brick facade in new build. Also use for remedial retrofit ap­pli­cati­ons. Pack of 250
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Brick Rein­for­cement

5mm-9mm Diameters- 10 Pk
Twistfix brick rein­for­cem­ent stitching bars are used to reinforce and strengthen fractured brick and masonry walls. Reinforcing bars are 1m long.
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6mm x 7m Bed Joint Rein­for­cement

Retrofit bed joint reinfor­cem­ent pack containing 6mm x 7m stainless steel helical bars. The 6mm reinforcing bar is the standard size rod used for most masonry repair ap­pli­cations. Pack of 5
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Masonry Ties - Thin Joint

Thin joint ties for use with Thermalite, Durox and Celcon Aircrete blockwork. Used in cavity construction to tie Aircrete masonry to brick facades. - Pack Quantity 50
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Warm Roof Fixings – Super-7

Superior warm roof nails for fixing Kingspan or Celotex insulation between counter-batten & rafter. Powerful Super-7 fixings reduce warm roofing costs by virtue of less nailing – Pack Quantity 50
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Crack Stitching Bars

These 6mm Crack stitching bars for masonry repairs and rein­for­cem­ent of cracks in walls. High tensile (circa 8kN) helical bars for repairing a cracked wall permanently - Pack of 10
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Wall Tie Testing Kit

A wall tie load test kit comprising a tension tester and a test adaptor key for testing helical ties. Can be used for quality control, pre-spe­cifi­cation assesment or in laboritory product approval tests
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Thor Helical ties bars and fasteners

Thor Helical manufactures a diverse range of helical bars, wall ties and fixings for construction and remedial renovations. Twistfix are suppiers of Thor Helical remedial wall ties and bars to professional contractors.