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Flexible timber frame wall ties for fixing timber frame structures to a brick or masonry facade on new build or for retrofit, where insufficient ties have been installed.

The self tapping wall tie is hammered into timber studs for a screw-in connection at one end and, at the other, is encapsulated within the mortar bed. A continuous helix ensures multiple drip points between the timber frame and the brick masonry wall.

Having nominal diameter of 5mm and a cross sectional area of just 6.25mm2 this timber frame tie is the most flexible helical wall tie on the market, accommodating differential movement in 2 & 3 storey dwellings having a wall height less than 15m. CE marked for new construction.

Timber frame ties should be installed at a density of 4.4 ties per square metre for buildings on flat sites within towns and cities where the basic wind speed is up to 25m/s and altitude is not more than 150m above sea level.

Timber frame wall ties are sold in packs of 250
205mm ties for 75mm cavities
230mm ties for 100mm cavities
255mm ties for 125mm cavities

For fixing these timber frame ties you need to buy the appropriate SDS tie driving tool; long nose for new construction and for remedial applications the short nose tool along with a 6mm SDS masonry bit and some injection resin to make the masonry wall connection.

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