Twistfix Bestsellers: Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings

Good insulation offers many benefits, from maintaining comfortable ambient temperatures indoors to delivering cost-savings and lowering environmental impact through reduced energy usage. When it comes to insulating flat roofs, we recommend using Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings to attach insulation boards securely.

Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings are hammer-in screw-nails with a spiral shaft and a shallow dome head that leaves no sharp edges. Large work-hardened threads allow rapid and straightforward installation with a self-tapping action that delivers a firm grip and a permanent anchorage for securing plywood composite insulation boards.

The spiral shaft of the fixing boasts a highly-reduced cross-sectional area when compared to a solid screw of the same diameter.  The reduced mass minimises disturbance to the insulation materials, lessens the potential for cold bridging, and avoids splitting the rafters or joists.

The standard carbon steel Warm Roof Fixings have a protective zinc coating and are available in a variety of lengths to suit various insulation depths.

For superior rust protection and greater thermal efficiency, the Insofast-18 is also available in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel version

The high-performance fasteners are as easy to use as a traditional nail; the bonus is that much fewer fixings are needed, improving cost-efficiency and reducing labour time. Each helical screw-nail can be quickly, easily and safely hammered in with a standard hammer or, for enhanced efficiency, with a drill equipped with a dedicated SDS adapter (available separately from the Twistfix website).

Insofast-18 Warm Roof Fixings are suitable for all 6mm ply-face roofing boards, including well-known brand names like Celotex, Recticel, Xtratherm and Kingspan. Find out all the technical details on the product page.

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