Twistfix Bestsellers: The DIY Damp Proofing Kit

The early weeks of 2021 were characterised by lots of rain, causing a rise in water-tables and flooding in many areas. The weather over the coming months looks set to bring much of the same and so there's never been a better time to consider installing a damp proof cream (DPC). With our bestselling Damp Proof Cream DPC Kit, those confident in DIY can carry out this crucial job themselves with professional results.

The Damp Cure DPC Kit is a consistent bestseller for a number of reasons. It's extremely easy to use, it offers superlative efficacy, as evidenced by its BBA certification, and it's always available at the most competitive price here at Twistfix. Three out of three ain't bad! Everything you need to create a robust, durable and professional DPC is included in this comprehensive kit.

At the centre of this professional kit is eight cartridges of trade-quality damp proofing cream, each containing 380ml of formula: this is sufficient for a new chemical DPC to protect up to 15m of solid 9" wall or up to 30m of single-leaf wall. As well as acting as a preventative measure, using this cream is also an effective treatment for rising damp in masonry that has previously been subject to water uptake. The cream has been manufactured using an emulsification process and therefore requires no extra thickening agents.

To carry out the installation, holes must be first drilled along the bed joints of the walls using SDS carbide drill bits: two of these crucial components are included with the comprehensive Damp Cure DPC Kit. The damp proofing cream is then injected into the holes, from where it deeply migrates into the microscopic pores of the masonry that makes up the walls. Finally, the walls are made good using sand and cement render, or plasterboard attached to a Damp-Check tanking membrane.

In addition to the damp proofing cream and drill bits, our bestselling Damp Cure DPC Kit contains a caulking gun and handy extension tube for hard-to-reach areas. There's also a pair of strong protective gloves included in the kit to ensure that you can work in complete safety.

The RRP of the Damp Cure DPC Kit is £129.60 but you can obtain it from Twistfix for the super-competitive price of just £87.00, fully inclusive of VAT. Check out all the details on the product page on our website. 

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