Weed Control: Prepare your Garden for Spring!

Weed Control: Prepare your Garden for Spring!

As spring gets underway, the characteristic sunshine and showers create the perfect environment for new plant growth. Unfortunately, this also includes weeds! Infestations of weeds can spoil both the health and appearance of our gardens, right at the very time we want to get out and start enjoying them again after the long winter. Here at Twistfix, we supply a comprehensive collection of weed control products, all of which are based on one highly-effective chemical: glyphosate. 

It was over seven decades ago in 1950 that Henry Martin, a chemist working at the Cilag company in Switzerland, first synthesised glyphosate. His work went unpublished and it was not until 1964 that the agent was patented by Stauffer Chemical, a rival company. The chemical was not originally designed as a herbicide but instead was what is known as a 'chelator', which is a chemical that binds to and thus removes minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium and calcium.   

A few years later, chemists working at the Monsanto Company in the USA were synthesising derivatives of aminom­et­hyl­pho­sphonic acid to be used for softening water. Of the 100 derivatives they created, two of them were discovered to have herbicidal properties and chemist John E. Franz was tasked with finding stronger analogues of the chemical with this quality. In 1970, Franz synthesised glyphosate and the Monsanto Company patented its use as a weedkiller in 1974, using the Roundup brand name that exists to this day and is used all over the world.

The application of glyphosate totally blocks the weed's enzyme system, quickly and decisively killing it and preventing it from re-growing. These enzymes are not found in humans or other animals, making it an especially safe way of stopping weeds in their tracks.  

Roundup Provantage 480
At the top of our weed control range is Roundup Provantage 480 which, containing a massive 25% more glyphosate that Roundup ProActive, is the most powerful and reliable way to control all kinds of weeds. Perfect for use in many different areas from paths, patios and driveways to roadsides and industrial sites, the concentrated formula is supplied ready for profeessional use in convenient, cost-effective containers.  

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