Weed Control

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Roundup ProActive

Roundup Pro Bio is the professionals choice for treatment of hardy weeds such as Japanese knotweeds and Ivy . Used by local councils and groundsmen to control grasses and broad-leaved weed on roadsides, driveways, paths and hard grounds.
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Roundup Provantage 480

Roundup Provantage 480 is an advanced glyphosate weed killer that is ideal for providing control of annual, perennial and broad leaved weeds. This powerful glyphosate week killer is safe to everything except green plants - 5L Concentrate
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Knotweed Control Treatment

Knotweed control treatment in a 3-pack kit for the eradication of Japanese knotweed, hogweed and other ground invasive plants. Roundup Pro-Bio herbicide concentrate contains Glyphosate and is sold for qualified professional use only
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Tree Stump and Root Killer Plugs

Tree stump and root killer plugs comprise 300mg of granular glyphosate encased in a nylon Eco-Plug capsule. This tree stump chemical kills the entire root system, delivering 95-100% control of treated tree stumps
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Knotweed Injection Gun

Japanese Knotweed injection gun for injecting herbicide into hollow cane invasive plants. The stem injector tool has been calibrated to dispense a precise dose of Glyphosate herbicide into the stem portion of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed
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