Basement Membrane – 6 rolls

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Cavity drain membranes membrane supplied as a cost saving multi-buy pack. The pack has 6 rolls of our best-selling Baseline 8 cavity drain membrane

The high density polyethylene tanking membrane is suitable for underground use, on walls, floors and vaulted ceilings subject to high groundwater levels, as part of a sealed waterproof tanking system with provision for disposing of water accumulation behind the membrane.  It offers:

  • Resistance to water and water vapour
  • Resistance to salt transfer
  • Resistance to puncture, impact and loading
  • Supports stud-wall dry lining, concrete screeds and insulated floating floors
  • Satisfactory for use in Type C (drained protection) constructions in accordance with BS 8102: 2009
  • Effective for the life of the structure
  • Easy to cut and quick to install

Our best price cavity drain membranes arte now supplied in Multi-buy lots of:

  • 2.0m x 20m (40m2) x 6 rolls = 240m2 or 
  • 2.4m x 20m (48m2) x 6 rolls = 288m2
  Baseline 8 Cavity Drain Membrane   Data
  Material   HDPE
  Sheet Thickness   0.8mm
  Membrane Height   8mm
  Stud Height   7mm
  Water Void Capacity   4.95L//m²
  Weight   0.5 Kg/m² 
  Water tightness at 60 kPa   >24 hours
  Working Temperature   -50°C to +80°C
  Softening Temperature   126°C
  Mean Compressive Strength   169 kN/m² 

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