Damp Proofing Options from Twistfix

Here at Twistfix, damp proofing is one of our specialities and we offer a comprehensive range of professional damp proofing products. As with everything we supply, our damp proofing products are guaranteed to be of premium quality and made available to you at a consistently competitive price.

The Twistfix collection of damp proofing products includes:

Damp Proofing Cream

Twistfix damp proofing cream is a unique silicone formula designed to form an effective chemical damp proofing course (DPC) when injected into mortar bed joints. The innovative cream has been crafted using a process of emulsification, which means that no additional thickening agents have been used.

To create the chemical DPC, 12mm holes are first drilled at regular intervals into mortar beds, preferably at the perp-end joints.  The cream is then injected into these holes, filling them to within a 1cm depth of the surface of the wall. Solid walls can be drilled from whichever side is most convenient. When treating cavity walls, the outer and inner skins need to be treated independently, forming a separate DPC in each. The treatment is completed by renewing damp plaster. A wide variety of format and quantity options is available, including our bestselling pack of 12 380ml cartridges of damp proofing cream.

Twistfix Damp Check Kit

Perfect for use after installing a remedial DPC, the Damp Check Kit from Twistfix contains everything required to create a reliable moisture barrier that isolates internal finishes from damp walls. As a practical part of treating rising damp, the membrane blocks salts and moisture penetration while the injected brickwork dries behind. The kit not only allows the immediate application of wall plaster following DPC injection but is also ideal for other uses, such as installing showers and wet rooms.

Each kit contains one 10m x 1m roll of tanking membrane. One side of the membrane features raised studs with air gaps that allow the masonry to breathe while helping water to drain off behind. The reverse side has a mesh face designed to accept cement renders, tile adhesive and dot-and-dab dry lining. Easily bent around corners for a close fit, a standard knife or scissors can cut or trim the membrane to size.

The kit also contains one 10m roll of strong butyl rubber waterproofing tape along with 100 hammer-in fixing plugs to firmly secure the damp proof membrane to the surface of a wall.

Find out more about our extensive collection of damp proofing products on the Twistfix website. For further information and advice, please contact our expert technical team or use our virtual assistant.

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