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Wykamol CM8 Tanking Membrane

CM8 is a versatile 8mm high tanking membrane for use in waterproofing damp proofing applications above and below ground level. Options: Rolls of 40m2 and 48m2
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  • £123.50

Wykamol CM8-Mesh Tanking Membrane

CM8-Mesh Membrane withf 8mm studs and polypropylene mesh key for direct application of plaster, render or adhesive dabs for plasterboard dry lining. Rolls sizes: 20m2 and 40m2
  • RRP £115.20
  • £138.24
  • £115.20

Wykamol CM3 Mesh Membrane

Mesh-faced membrane with 3mm studs and a polypropylene mesh to provide a key for plaster, render or plasterboard dry lining on plaster dabs. Roll sizes: 10m2, 20m2 and 40m2
  • RRP £62.50
  • £75.00
  • £62.50

Wykamol CM3 Damp Proof Membrane

Wykamol CM3 damp proofing membrane with 3mm studs; ideal for the isolation of internal surfaces from damp walls and floors. Roll Size: 2m x 20m (40m2)
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  • £159.50

Wykamol CM20 Cavity Drain Membrane

Wykamol CM20 drainage membrane with 20mm studs. It has been developed for use in waterproofing basement and cellar floors. Options 20m2 and 40m2
  • RRP £115.50
  • £138.60
  • £115.50

Ultracure DPC Cream

Ultracure DPC cream in 380ml cartridges. Treat damp walls with advanced chemical damp proof course products. No specialist equipment needed. Simple DPC injection treatment using caulking gun.
  • RRP £14.75
  • £11.88
  • £9.90

Masonry Water Repellent Cream

Dry Seal masonry water repellent is a high strength silane cream treatment that waterproofs brick and stone facades including walls, bridges and tunnels. 3kg Tub
  • RRP £89.75
  • £83.40
  • £69.50
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Damp Proofing Paint

General-purpose, quick drying damp proof paint that dries to form a water-proof membrane. An effective penetrating damp treatment for waterproofing wall surfaces. 5L
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  • £43.80
  • £36.50
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Renovating Plaster

A lightweight renovating plaster pre-mix with perlite aggregate & water repellent additives. For use following damp proof treatments or in conjunction with cementitious tanking coatings. 20KG
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  • £24.30
  • £20.25

Water-Proofing Additive

A water-proofing additive for use in sand & cement renders following damp-proof injection treatment with Ultracure DPC cream. An essential part of effective chemical damp proofing in walls.
  • RRP £12.85
  • £11.88
  • £9.90

Masonry Water Repellent

Water repellent surface treatment for wall suffering from penetrating damp. Prevents moisture migrating through masonry walls and brickwork facades. Costs much less than weather resistant render products. 5 Litres
  • RRP £32.50
  • £26.10
  • £21.75
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Mould Remover

A professional mould remover concentrate that provides the surface sterilisation treatment to remove and kill mould spores and surface growths on painted or papered surfaces.­Concentrate is supplied in a 5L containerand makes 25L solution
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  • £69.95
Wykamol damp proofing and waterproofing membranes

Wykamol Group is a leading UK manufacturer of specialist products for cons­­­­truc­­­­ti­­­­on and renovation.­­­  Twistfix are suppiers of a selection of Wykamol products that are used to damp proof and waterproof building structures