Holes in the Skirting Board? THIS could be the problem..

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Condensation season is fading out but there certainly isn’t time to let your guard down - woodworm season is now in force! Woodworm beetles are starting to emerge from their winter refuges, sending homeowners into a panic - make sure you can put their mind at ease with woodworm treatment products from Twistfix, designed for the professional. For homeowners, it’s time to use our Find-a-Contractor service to make sure you get the best!

Woodworm is a blanket term that is applied to a number of wood-boring insects. The most common in the UK is appropriately names the Common Furniture Beetle and, as its descriptive name suggests, is often to be found in old timber chairs and tables. It isn’t a fussy creature, however, and will happily gnaw its way through any kind of timber (including rafters, floorboards, banisters and skirting boards), causing both aesthetic and structural damage.

Unfortunately, woodworm season is from now until September and there are lots of ways to tell if an infestation is present, including:

  • The exit holes left behind as beetles emerge are the usual sign that most people notice first, though the beetle itself could have been gorging inside in its larval stage for up to three full years. As it leaves on the hunt for a mate to start the cycle once more, a distinctive round hole is left in the timber
  • A fine powder can usually be found near these exit holes, confirming beyond doubt that woodworm are present. This powder is known as frass and is sawdust created as the beetle bores its way out
  • If an infestation is severe or has been left unremedied for a long time, wood may become extremely weak and brittle due the innumerable tunnels created inside by munching woodworm - wood damaged like this will usually be flaky and dry to the touch
  • Adult beetles are not shy and have been spotted many times as they emerge. The bodies of less fortunate beetles are often found in the area.

It’s clear that woodworm infestations are a serious problem and one that should be sorted as a matter of extreme urgency. The problem will not simply go away by itself.

So, what do the professionals use to make sure that woodworm problems are swiftly and effectively dealt with? Our collection of timber treatments!

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