Coatings for Weatherproofing Buildings

Coatings for Weatherproofing Buildings

This summer has brought plenty of dry, hot weather, with temperature records being smashed in the UK. It's hard to believe that it's almost over and that autumn will soon return, bringing with it more unpredictable weather. Though the country definitely needs above-average rainfall to replenish the depleted reservoirs, when that rainfall comes it can cause all sorts of damage to properties.

Here at Twistfix, we supply an extensive selection of weatherproofing products, all of which are of superlative quality and are made available to our customers at the most competitive price. This edition of our blog showcases some of the professional products available from our weatherproofing collection.­ 

Fiba-Pol Roof Sealant Paint
One of the primary ways in which water can ingress into a property is through a damaged roof and such damage often goes unnoticed until the rain actually starts to fall. Fiba-Pol is an elastomeric formula designed to produce a reliable waterproof coating which, providing an instant seal, can be used for either prevention or remediation of leaking roofs.

Fiba-Pol contains minuscule fibres which, after the formula is applied, help to enhance its flexural strength; this means that the coating is flexible enough to accommodate the roof's natural thermal movements. Supplied in a cost-effective 5kg tin, the formula covers in a single coat without any need to apply primer and can be used on practically any roofing material including, metal, asphalt, slate, concrete, lead, felt, asbestos and more. 

Siloxol Wood Protection Cream
As a natural material, wood is particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of rain. Siloxane-based wood protection cream from leading brand Siloxol is designed as a wood preservative that provides lasting protection to all kinds of softwood structures outdoors, such as decking, garden furniture, fences, sheds and planters. 

Upon application, the wood treatment formula penetrates deeply into the timber, imbuing it with an exceptional water-repellent quality. The formula dramatically decreases water uptake by as much as 90%, minimising any chance of algae or mould growth on the timber surface and resulting in a significantly-extended service lifetime.

Dry-Seal Masonry Water Repellent Cream
Ideal for use on all types of stone and brick structures, Dry-Seal is a thixotropic silane cream that represents a completely vapour-permeable waterproofing solution. Applied by spatula, brush or roller, the cream penetrates into the capillaries of the masonry, suppressing suction and thus reduced any potential for spalling, staining or attack by frost. In addition, the treated masonry is also protected against any chloride attack. Offering excellent adhesion, Dry-Seal can even be successfully applied to overhead surfaces and is up to four times more effective than liquid water repellent formulas. 

To discover our complete, comprehensive range of weatherproofing products, please browse the Twistfix website.

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