Construction Chemicals: How to Protect Timber

Construction Chemicals: How to Protect Timber

The collection of construction chemicals available to purchase from Twistfix has recently been extended with a selection of products from the leading Siloxol brand. In this edition of our blog, we introduce one of Siloxol's signature products and give you a guide on how to use it for optimal results.

Designed to imbue all kinds of softwood with robust water-repellent properties, Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid offers excellent versatility in the outdoor environment. The silane-siloxane emulsion, which is water-based, can reduce the timber's uptake of moisture by up to a massive 85%, vastly reducing the potential for warping and for the growth of damaging algae and mould on its surface. The service lifetime of the timber is thus greatly enhanced. 

Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid can be used on all kinds of softwood structures such as garden furniture, plant containers, decking, sheds and fences. After application, the product dries completely colourless and will not stain the timber surface.  

How to Apply Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid

  • Choose a day on which heavy rain has not been forecast and where both the ambient and substrate temperatures will be 5°C and 30°C.
  • If any of the timber has deteriorated, sand it down until a sturdy, clean surface is achieved. Brush off any loose material that remains. 
  • If mould, algae or any other organic growth is present, remove it completely using Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner, which is available to purchase from the Twistfix website.
  • Apply preservative to protect the wood from rotting. We recommend Wykamol No More Rot, which can also be purchased from Twistfix.
  • If you intend to stain the wood, this should be done before the application of Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid.
  • Surrounding areas should be masked appropriately and the timber to be treated should be completely dry before commencing application. 
  • Using a brush or a pneumatic spray at low pressure, apply the formula to the timber surface until it is completely saturated. 
  • When the first coat has become dry to the touch, a process which takes around two hours, a second coat should be applied that is somewhat lighter than the first.
  • Immediately wash containers and tools using warm, soapy water. 
  • After around eight hours, the timber will be rain-proof though the formula can take up to four weeks to cure completely.

Please browse our website to discover our complete collection of Siloxol products and do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical team if you require expert advice. If you want to receive the latest news, updates and exclusive special offers from Twistfix, please subscribe to our free email newsletter. 

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