Jouplast Adjustable Decking Risers

In the previous edition of the Twistfix blog, we proudly announced that we had extended our product portfolio by adding a collection of new products from the renowned brand Jouplast. The specific focus of that article was on paving risers; in this article, we introduce Jouplast Jouplast decking riser pedestals and show you how you can use them to facilitate the construction of top-quality garden decking structures.

Adding decking to the property has tremendous transformative power, increasing its practical, aesthetic and financial value immeasurably. Decking structures add instant charm, class and elegance to the property's appearance, enhancing outdoor space and displaying excellent versatility.

When it comes to enhancing financial value, there have been many studies into this phenomenon. Property Price Advice found that the extra appeal added to a property with the installation of a wooden decking area can increase the value of that property by at least 10%. Another study carried out by Post Office Money found that decking gives the most significant property value increase with the smallest financial outlay in comparison to other typical home improvements such as the addition of a conservatory, extension or driveway. Researchers concluded that an average spend of £2,750 on the garden landscaping project could provide a return on investment of as much as 77%.

The surface of the decking should be completely level, and achieving this depends entirely on the framework being even. The adjustability of Jouplast decking risers guarantees a flat finish. The products can sit directly on concrete. If using the risers on grass, dig out around 10cm of soil and cover the recess with hardcore and geotextile. 

Installing Jouplast decking risers is quick and easy. Position the timber against the risers' vertical lug before screwing the lug to the wood. It is then a matter of swift simplicity to adjust the riser to the required height by twisting the riser's large nut.

The decking risers are available individually or in cost-effective packs of 10 or 20 units; they are available in five different sizes: 

  • 20/30: adjustable between 20mm and 30mm
  • 40/60: adjustable between 40mm and 60mm
  • 50/80: adjustable between 50mm and 80mm
  • 80/140: adjustable between 80mm and 140mm
  • 140/230: adjustable between 140mm and 230mm 

Please browse the Twistfix website for more details about these new Jouplast products.

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