Protecting Wooden Decks with Siloxol

A growing number of homeowners choose to improve their garden by installing wooden decking, which adds to a home's practical, aesthetic, and financial value. As a natural material, the timber used to build such structures needs robust protection from the elements to maintain its condition: one of the most effective ways to provide this is by using Siloxol Wood Protection Cream or Liquid, available now from Twistfix.

With winter just around the corner, there has never been a better time to protect wooden decks with Siloxol. In addition to preserving decking, one can also use the products successfully to protect any softwood structures located outdoors, including garden furniture, plant containers, sheds, fences and more.

Siloxol wood protection products from Twistfix imbue softwood timber with powerful, long-lasting water-repellent properties by signi­fic­antly reducing the timber's ability to uptake water. The treatment dramatically minimises the potential for warping, staining and growth of damaging algae and mould, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring that the deck will remain attractive and provide an extended service.

Both Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid and Cream dry clear, colourless and invisible.

Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid

  • A water-based siloxane/­­silane emulsion
  • Reduces the uptake of moisture by up to 85%
  • Apply Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid with a brush or low-pressure pneumatic spray to make covering large areas quicker and easier.
  • The most cost-effective way of protecting wooden decks
Siloxol Wood Protection Cream

  • A siloxane-based cream that penetrates deeply into softwood to provide the very best water-repellent properties
  • Reduces the uptake of moisture by up to 90%
  • Though it dries clear, the formula is white when wet to enable easy, accurate application
  • Apply with brush or roller
  • Covers deck surfaces in a single coat

Siloxol products are now available from Twistfix at a highly competitive price, and premium quality is guaranteed. Guides on applying the products are available on the product pages, where you will also find detailed datasheets for download.

Please find out more details about Siloxol Wood Protection Cream and Siloxol Wood Protection Liquid  on the Twistfix website. Do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.

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