Siloxol Construction Chemicals: The Easy Way to Protect Patios & Driveways

One of the most recent additions to our extensive product portfolio is a range of high-performance construction chemicals from Siloxol, a highly-renowned brand in this complex sector. In this edition of the Twistfix blog, we introduce two of the brand's signature products and share brief guides on how to use them for best results.

Siloxol Wood and Patio Cleaner
Many outdoor surfaces can be blighted by organic growth such as lichens, mould, moss and algae, making the surface unsightly and dangerous to walk on. In the past, keeping surfaces like brick, stone, concrete and timber would require the use of several cleaning chemicals but Siloxol Wood and Patio Cleaner offers a single solution for all of these substrates. As well as putting a swift and decisive end to organic growth, the formula makes maintaining the treated surface much easier in the future.

Before application, the surface should be completely dry and free of any debris, which can be removed using a stuff brush. Choose a day when no rain is forecast and wear proper protective clothing. Siloxol Wood and Patio Cleaner should be applied to the surface evenly using a spray unit, roller or brush. Leave the formula to work overnight if possible but for a minimum of one hour if not. After this time, use water and a stiff brush to easily remove the organic growth.   

Siloxol Triple Action Patio Sealant
Ideal for use on patios and drives along with any other horizontal surface made from concrete, brick or stone, Siloxol Triple Action Patio Sealant utilises nanotechnology to form a thin yet super-strong protective coating. After curing, this coating provides exceptional resistance to abrasion and water damage, preventing stains while enhancing natural colouration. 

Begin by applying Siloxol Wood and Patio Cleaner by following the steps above. Next, gently agitate the container of Triple Action Patio Sealant and decant into a suitable vessel. Using a short-pile roller, saturate the surface with the formula, ensuring to avoid pooling. Allow at least an hour for the application to become touch-dry and then apply a second coat, taking care not to saturate the surface this time. After six to eight hours, the surface will be rainproof and able to withstand light traffic. Full curing is achieved after a period of four days has elapsed. 

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