Spring-Ready Drives & Patios with Siloxol

Twistfix is a proud supplier of a range of products from the leading Siloxol brand. This reliable collection of products includes Wood & Patio Cleaner and Triple Action Patio Sealant, both of which are showcased in this edition of our blog. 

Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner
This uniquely-powerful formula offers exceptional versatility and can be used with equal success on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces including timber, stone, concrete and brickwork. Properly applied, Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner is a fast and reliable way to kill algae, mould and lichens. In addition to making surfaces more attractive, the formula makes subsequent cleaning much easier and negates the need to employ potentially-damaging pressure washing processes.

Before applying Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner, any loose material should be removed from the surface with a stiff brush. The surface must be dry and you should be confident that there will be no rain for a minimum of one hour following application. Be sure to wear appropriate protective clothing before commencing.

Using a roller, brush or spray unit, apply the formula evenly; each litre of Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner is sufficient to treat five square metres of surface. Once applied, the formula should be left for at least one hour to take effect; ideally, leaving it overnight is preferred. After this time, use a stiff brush in combination with water to clean away lichens, algae and mould.  

Siloxol Triple Action Patio Sealant
Developed using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, Triple Action Patio Sealant from Siloxol is used to produce an extremely thin yet extraordinarily strong protective coating over driveways, patios and other horizontal brick, stone or concrete surfaces. Strongly resistant to damage from stains, abrasion and water, the colour-enhancing formula is designed to give the surface a significantly longer service life. 

Before using Triple Action Patio Sealant, the surface should be treated with Siloxol Wood & Patio Cleaner as described above. After gently shaking the container and decanting the formula into a suitable container, it should be applied using a short-pile roller. Ensure that the substrate is saturated with the formula but ensure that any instance of pooling is avoided. When the first coat is dry to the touch (which can take up to one hour), a second coat should be applied. This coat should be lighter than the first, avoiding saturation and pooling. Full curing will take up to four days though the treated surface will be rain-proof after six hours and suitable for light traffic after eight.

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